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It’s been a rough week, so have a video of Colbert and Chance The Rapper recreating the Arthur intro

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Congratulations: You’ve now survived the first week of the first Donald Trump presidency. (Just 207 more to go!) And while things have not been great—what with the National Parks Service going rogue, the concept of factual reality getting smashed with a sledgehammer, and the religiously-targeted shuttering of America’s borders to refugees—it’s still important to remember the lighter things in life.

Like Arthur! Remember Arthur? The PBS-supported aardvark has been teaching kids lessons (and accidentally generating memes) for years now. (By the way, do yourself a favor, and stop thinking about what Trump’s probably going to do to PBS.) And he’s always been accompanied by his opening theme, Ziggy Marley’s “Believe In Yourself,” a song that encourages kids to listen to outside perspectives and think about others and whoops, now we’re depressed again.

Luckily, Stephen Colbert remembers Arthur, too, which is why he teamed up with Marley, bandleader Jon Batiste, and long-time aardvark fan Chance The Rapper for a cheerful recreation of the show’s intro. Sure, mainlining this mixture of smooth jams, beloved celebrities, and life-giving nostalgia won’t actually fix anything, but at least we can distract ourselves for a bit while watching Colbert mug with a giant cartoon camera, or immediately collapse into his “unrelated” mid-afternoon desk nap.


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