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It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia soon to be a self-help book

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’s fictional gang of Charlie, Mac, Dennis, Sweet Dee, and Frank is writing a self-help book called The 7 Secrets Of Awakening The Highly Effective Four-Hour Giant, Today. The book is available for pre-order on Amazon.

Fittingly, the book’s description reads more like an Always Sunny episode outline than anything that might actually offer useful advice:

Left alone to close down Paddy’s Pub one night, Charlie Kelly inadvertently scored himself, and his friends, the opportunity of a lifetime—a book deal with a real publishing company, real advance money, and a real(ly confused) editor. While his actual ability to read and write remains unclear, Charlie sealed the deal with some off-the-cuff commentary on bird law and the nuances of killing rats (and maybe with the help of some glue fumes in the basement with an unstable editor on a bender). While The Gang is stunned by the news, and the legally binding, irrevocable contract left on the bar, they are also ready to rise to the task and become millionaires—and of course, help Charlie actually write the book.


It’s a little confusing: Is this an actual self-help book in the styling of The Gang, or is it a story about The Gang writing a self-help book? Will there be phonetically spelled words and crayon drawings, as in semi-illiterate Charlie’s Dram Bok? You’ll find out January 6.

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