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It’s Affleck V Affleck in a remixed trailer for Batman V Superman


Does Ben Affleck bleed? He will. At least that’s what’s promised in this remixed trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice that substitutes the Oscar winner for his Kryptonian counterpart. Facing down his greatest enemy (himself), Affleck contends with a raspy Batman voice, a too revealing Superman costume, and the possibility that critics are only lukewarm to his latest blockbuster.

Todd Spence put together this parody trailer using clips from the Batman V Superman trailer as well as footage from Affleck’s earlier turn as George Reeves in Hollywoodland. The result is a pretty funny juxtaposition of the gruff and grizzled Batman taking on the old-timey Superman from the 1950s television series. For Affleck apologists, this represents the culmination of peak Affleck, pitting that million-dollar smile against his million-dollar scowl. When Afflecks fight, the audience is the real winner.


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