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It’s Adventure Time for The Simpsons couch gag

(Screenshot: The Simpsons/YouTube)

With a total of 600 episodes, The Simpsons certainly seems to be living up to its promise of having stories for years, whose varying quality you can assess when the latest “longest-ever” marathon runs later this fall. The animated series will kick off its 28th season on Sunday, September 25, which will also be its first hour-long episode ever. Ahead of that auspicious event, Fox has released the newest couch gag, with an assist from Pendleton Ward. Come on, grab your friends and check it out:

Yes, that’s Bart in Finn’s place and Homer standing in for Jake, while Maggie gets to be Princess Bubblegum. And Mr. Burns, who’s a radioactive Ice King, will also be the subject of the premiere. He’ll suffer some reversal of fortune (again) that prompts him to put together a variety show. Keegan-Michael Key and Taraji P. Henson will voice music industry vets who help Monty exact his revenge somehow.


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