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It’s about time: Sterling Archer reviews every James Bond film

It may not approach his affection for the oeuvre of ’70s-era Burt Reynolds, but Sterling Archer is a big James Bond aficionado as well. (And sure, he doesn’t like to invite the comparison, but yeah, he’s basically James Bond.) From top-secret missions to insane amounts of alcohol, Archer has better insight than roughly 99 percent of the population as to what Bond must go through on a regular basis. That’s why it’s crazy we haven’t had a chance to hear his thoughts on every single James Bond film, something that‘s finally being rectified. (Don’t worry, we’re not doing “phrasing” any more.)


Entertainment Weekly managed to contact the superspy, a.k.a. H. Jon Benjamin, and get him to weigh in on the entire series of films, in chronological order. Not only that, but the animators at Archer also put together a short video in which the secret agent expounds upon a random sampling of the franchise’s offerings, including Dr. No, Goldfinger, and The Living Daylights. That last one gets awarded “one and a half habits” by Archer, simply by dint of star Timothy Dalton having dated Whoopi Goldberg. It all makes sense in context.

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