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It’s a little-known fact that Cheers will soon be a live stage show

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While many of us watch Cheers reruns from the comfort of our homes—either on Netflix, Hulu, or just about any channel above 20 on the cable listings—that isn’t enough for die-hard fans of the bar where everybody knows your name. Not since that time Gary’s Old Town Tavern pranked them but good has the Boston watering hole been so abuzz with activity: Radio Times reports CBS is developing live stage shows based on Cheers, The Brady Bunch, and something called Corduroy, which is about an animated bear but may as well be Shasta McNasty for all the fucks anyone will give.


Cheers Live On Stage, as it will creatively be titled, is planning to tour theaters across America beginning next year. It will feature “classic moments” from the show, which is presumably a more appealing way of saying some weird look-alikes to the original cast will shuffle out and recite dialogue verbatim from various episodes. (Probably while overeager maniacs, including the entire staff of The A.V. Club, yell “Norm!” repeatedly.) It’s even more exciting than the potential based-on-old-sitcom stage shows Sanford And Son On Ice and Hogan Family Burlesque, probably because we just made those up.

Of course, Radio Times notes that Cheers Live On Stage has already basically happened: It was a storyline on Frasier, where Diane Chambers made a theater piece based on the old gang. So we’ll take this moment to mock that level of nerdery, while insisting that it wasn’t the first thing we thought of as well.

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