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It’s 2016, and Steven Seagal is in a video game for some reason

Screenshot: YouTube

World Of Warships is a free game where people pilot faithfully recreated World War II-era naval ships in giant online battles. Despite the dry subject matter, it’s been no stranger to whimsical holiday-themed special events and anime-inspired makeovers, but none of those departures stack up to the game’s latest and greatest update: the addition of Steven Seagal as a playable character. That’s right, seemingly based solely on the fact that he was once in a movie that takes place on a battleship—where he didn’t even play a ship commander—everyone’s favorite martial-arts instructor turned action hero has found his way into a video game in 2016.

Naturally, it’s not going to be as easy as logging on and transforming your lowly naval officer into a glorious, de-aged cartoon Seagal. Starting today, World Of Warships fans can unlock him master as a commander for their fleet if they meet a few stringent challenges. More importantly, this inexplicable cameo has also provided us with an amazing commercial, where some dummy stumbles into Seagal’s mountaintop dojo looking for wi-fi and inadvertently gets his new teacher hooked on the game. Given its naval theme, it might have made more sense to play up the single tenuous connection Seagal has with boats, but then we might not have gotten to see him flawlessly execute that graceful Aikido throw. He’s still got it.


[via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]

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