Alien concept art commissioned by Neill Blomkamp

Deadline is reporting that Neill Blomkampā€™s Alien movie might be dead, its chest lethally exploded by the emerging fetus of Ridley Scottā€™s Prometheus 2. (Or Alien: Paradise Lost, as Scott was referring to it during the press junket for The Martian last month.) Spun out of gossamer and dreams by Blomkampā€™s cunning deployment of concept art and intriguing ideas, the never-titled movie is now ā€œkinda holding,ā€ as per Blomkampā€™s (weirdly unverified) Twitter account:

The existence of Blomkampā€™s Alien was always strongly predicated on Fox shrugging and letting the District 9 director do whatever he wanted to do with the fallow franchise. But even as ā€œletting Neill Blomkamp do whatever he wants to doā€ has grown steadily less profitableā€”as per the box office results and critical yawns that greeted Elysium and Chappieā€”Ridley Scottā€™s investment in his own Alien projects has grown. (Also: The Martian just made a big bundle of cash for its distributors at Fox.) And so, Blomkamp must wave goodbye to his beloved ā€œxeno- and Lt ripley,ā€ putting them away until Ridley Scott is done playing with his toys, and Blomkamp is allowed to pick them up and smash them against each other once again.