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It might be a rumor, but Arnold Schwarzenegger could be the bad guy in the next Avatar movie

Back in 2011, Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron took a trip together to the rain forest for a “Brazilian adventure,” giving rise to speculation that they were there to finally exterminate the butterfly that’s been causing so much chaos—or, in a slightly more out-there scenario, discuss a role for Schwarzenegger in the next Avatar movie. As it turned out, the two were officially there to discuss Brazil’s ecological concerns, bringing a call to action for sustainable energy and ramming it into the country’s stomach. But now Latino Review is reporting that those original, non-chaos-butterfly-related rumors may have been correct.

According to that site’s sources, Schwarzenegger is readying to reunite with Cameron on the Avatar sequels by playing the “bad guy human general” who has no time for the Navi and their peace-loving ponytail-sex, in what would be his first villain role for Cameron since The Terminator. Of course, nothing is yet official, but given that Schwarzenegger has already said he’d like to reteam with Cameron at some point—and is even up for things only tangentially related to him—it seems well within the realm of plausibility. Or perhaps this report is all a surprise to Schwarzenegger, and right now he’s tearing up over a photo of him and Cameron in Brazil, crushed that what he thought was just a nice weekend together turned out to be all about business.


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