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It may be another "Shallow" cover, but Lizzo makes it her own

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“Shallow” is probably the song you’ve heard more than any song ever and it’s only been out for six months. The cultural impact it’s had, along with how well it’s now known, is interesting considering it’s not even the best song from the film. Nevertheless, it’s been covered left and right. Conor Oberst and Phoebe Bridgers, for example, offered up a superb indie version, and even WWE stars Finn Bálor and Elias performed a pretty spirited version of the Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper tune. Now, Lizzo has jumped on a cover, breathing new life into a track that many might deem tired.

If you don’t know, Lizzo is a vibrant rapper and singer who plays the flute with more soul than Ron Burgundy. She speaks her mind and has a strong voice—in both her words and vocals—and she’s using it to belt out a new version of “Shallow” that might surprise you. She brought it to SiriusXM, giving a memorable performance of the Oscar-winning cut.


Lizzo’s typical fare pairs her raw voice with ample fanfare—trumpets, massive beats, etc.—but with this cover she offers a stripped-down performance that’s refreshing for her. When she hits the very Gaga-esque moaning break, Lizzo dials down the power but maintains control, lacing a touch more pain and anguish into the moment. See it below. 

Lizzo tweeted it out to Lady Gaga herself after it aired, and posted on her Instagram with the caption, “WATCH THIS SHALLOW BITCH SING SHALLOW BY @ladygaga I WAS SO NERVOUS I JUST LEARNT IT LAST NIGHT BE NICE IN MY COMMENTS...” Learning it in just a night and sharing it for the world to see? Ally would be proud.

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