The short-list of possible filmmakers for The Equalizer has been winnowed down to Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn, who will likely apply his zeal for brooding loners and '80s fetishism to making the coolest, most critic-baiting movie adaptation of an old TV show ever. As previously reported, the big-screen update of the Edward Woodward-starring series suddenly began moving quickly once Denzel Washington signed on to the title role, spurring interest from numerous directors who jumped at the chance to make a movie where Denzel Washington plays some kind of cop or agent or something, lest they never see its like again. Of course, now that Refn has the gig, the story of Washington’s “solitary, monastic” former spy and his quest to help the helpless will probably take on a moodier, more arthouse-friendly edge, presumably to be accomplished by giving Washington about three lines of dialogue.