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While many have already jumped the gun to report it before it was official (we even put in a phone call to FX this morning digging for confirmation, only to get an off the record “it’s very likely”), it seems that FX president John Landgraf has gone ahead and announced a third season renewal for Archer. Interestingly, the 16 new episodes will apparently be split between three episodes that will run behind It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia in the fall, and the other 13 picking up again in early 2012—an unusual strategy that seems like more of a tease than anything. Regardless, what with the third season pick-up of Justified, it’s been a good day for amoral characters engaged in moral endeavors over at FX.


After Landgraf noted last week that the network was “crushing it” in comedy, it’s not surprising to hear that they’re picking up another one: Early 2012 will also see the debut of another half-hour comedy series—and according to Deadline, it will most likely be Townies, a cartoon about two 15-year-old best friends essentially left to raise themselves while their parents are absent. (It differs from Beavis And Butt-Head in that they are “earnest yet misguided,” as opposed to stupid and sociopathic, we guess. Also, no music videos.) Townies comes from It’s Always Sunny writers David Hornsby, Scott Marder, and Rob Rosell, so you know it will teach you lots of feel-good lessons about life and stuff.

It should be noted, of course, that none of this has received an announcement from the network yet, but that’s surely forthcoming. And who can wait for an official press release to share good news like this?

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