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David Robert Mitchell’s It Follows was all about how naked people are scary (unless you subscribe to high-minded concepts like “metaphors”), and now he’s writing a horror script based around a similarly simple fear. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Mitchell is writing an full-length adaptation of Julian Terry’s short film They Hear It, which centers on a killer entity called “The Sound” that does horrible things to anyone who hears it. According to THR’s sources, the movie will be a combination of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds and Stephen King’s It, so we assume it’ll have a scene where a group of loser kids have to carefully and quietly make their way past a flock of dangerous… sounds. It’s hard to visualize what they’re going for here, but Mitchell has earned the benefit of the doubt.


Julian Terry will be directing They Hear It, making this the relatively rare occasion where Mitchell doesn’t direct his own script. The original short isn’t on Terry’s YouTube page, but he does have another sound-based film about Alexa:

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