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It Follows’ Daniel Zovatto to be pursued once more on Fear The Walking Dead

It Follows

Deadline reports that Daniel Zovatto (It Follows) has just joined the cast of survivors on AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead. The actor, who was introduced to unrelenting forces in David Robert Mitchell’s superb horror film in 2014, will have a recurring role in season two, though there’s no real information available about his role beyond the fact that it exists. But when we last saw our band of Walking Dead prequel heroes, all flesh-biting hell had broken loose in Los Angeles, so Zovatto probably won’t play some carefree teen.

Zovatto is one of the first additions to the cast for season two, which will also see the arrival, possibly via parachute, of one of the passengers (or flight crew) from the companion web series Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462. The web series is the third show born of Robert Kirkman’s comic books, which AMC executives recently expressed a desire to keep expanding until the whole (fictional) world is covered in picked-over carcasses.


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