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It doesn't take much to turn WALL-E into a horror movie

Years ago, the magic of selective editing enraptured the internet when some genius edited Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining into a comedy. This kind of cinephilic manipulation subsequently flooded the web, but nobody is doing it quite as well as YouTube channel Editing Is Everything, which routinely edits a single, malleable film to fit seven different genres.

The latest is Pixar’s beloved WALL-E, which is here wedged into the realms of horror, romance, drama, and post-apocalyptic fiction, among others. Gimmick aside, the clip serves as a hilarious introduction to the templates applied to each individual genre, as well as the ways in which music, sound, and dialogue do much of the heavy lifting.


Here, rumbling drones can make love interest EVE resonate as a mechanical abomination, while a piano cover of Train’s “Drops of Jupiter” transforms the film’s bombed-out wasteland into a bright, cuddly stage for intimacy. And though WALL-E technically is a sci-fi film, setting a thundering symphony against the film’s most bravura, awe-inspiring shots serves to swap out Pixar’s emotional quirk for Star Wars’ operatic grandeur.

Stick around to the end if you’d also like to shiver at just how well the film works as a backdrop to an Apple keynote. The future is coming very, very quickly.

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