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It doesn't take much to turn the Sonic The Hedgehog trailer into a horror movie

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The latest trailer for the wholly unnecessary Sonic The Hedgehog movie is already a nightmare. It’s been a nightmare for the franchise’s fans, who hate everything the filmmakers have done to their beloved blue hedgehog, from his jacked legs to his weird skinny torso and fucked-up human teeth. That fan response has in turn proven a nightmare for Paramount and director Jeff Fowler, who have promised to “fix” Sonic, presumably at no small cost or effort. Given the terrors already present in the trailer, it was not much of a stretch to imagine the whole thing as a horror movie, which is exactly what YouTuber (ahem) n00bmaster69 has done here.

With an assist from a couple shots from producer James Gunn’s upcoming Superman-horror riff Brightburn, the new cut features everything you’ve come to expect from the horror trailer of today. The original’s baffling choice of “Gangsta’s Paradise” receives the de rigueur creepy remix and Sonic now sprints at an ominous 666 MPH. That whole Sonic seems to be a mass-murderer thing is starting to make a lot more sense.


That the recut of the trailer manages to accomplish all this without even getting into whatever the fuck is going on with Jim Carrey’s Dr. Robotnik is a testament to just how goddamn wild this movie looks.

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