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It doesn't look like NBC is picking up that Munsters reboot

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Though Bryan Fuller's dark, edgy Munsters reboot Mockingbird Lane has always been one of the iffier prospects of the TV development season, typically networks like to give Bryan Fuller's shows at least a handful of episodes before canceling them. But if both Deadline and The Hollywood Reporter can be believed (and they usually can), it may be time to hail Mockingbird Lane as a criminally short-lived cult masterpiece and begin crafting your online petitions and GIFs before it even airs: Both outlets are reporting that NBC is "unlikely" to move forward with the series that has already been pushed back to next summer, consigning the sum of its existence to the four minutes of footage that screened at Comic-Con, Fuller's descriptions of the show as Tim Burton's style meeting what it would look like "if Hitchcock was directing a Harry Potter film," and the above promo photo featuring Jerry O'Connell, Portia de Rossi, and Eddie Izzard et al. somewhat-Munstered out. Then again, Fuller has also taken to Twitter to refute those reports, saying NBC has assured him they are "dead wrong." Get it? Dead wrong? Still, without a more positive, concrete update soon, this may be the only Munsters-esque pun you'll be getting.

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