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The idea of a Pet Sematary remake is basically a nicely wrapped gift for people who like to make easy jokes, seeing as how the original story and movie are about dead things coming back to life and turning evil, so we should all be grateful that It director Andy Muschietti recently told the Toronto Sun (via io9) that he’d like to make a new version of Pet Sematary someday. Hey, it’s almost like this guy never read the book, huh? Where the cat comes back evil and then the kid comes back evil? Who knows, maybe the movie itself will come back evil!

Easy jokes aside, Muschietti says he and his sister/writing partner Barbara Muschietti are “huge fans of Pet Sematary,” and he apparently has a version of the story in mind that he’d like to do. “If we can get our hands on that and do the Pet Sematary we want to do,” he said, “that will be something.” He doesn’t say what would set his version of the story apart from the previous one, especially since the movie is relatively faithful for a Stephen King adaptation, but the basic premise makes room for a lot of different takes.


Muschietti might have trouble getting this done, though, as other filmmakers have tried (and failed) to remake Pet Sematary for years. Perhaps they were all sufficiently scared off by having visions of dead people warning them not to bury the movie Pet Sematary in that old pet cemetery…or maybe they were all mysteriously murdered by evil remakes.

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