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Just a few days after Issa Rae offered congratulations to “those men” during the Oscar nominations telecast, the rising multi-hyphenate has dropped a teaser for the fourth season of her Emmy-nominated HBO comedy, Insecure.

Rae tells Variety that the new season will navigate Issa’s life after quitting her job, as well as what happens when Yvonne Orji’s Molly enters into her first relationship and Jay Ellis’ Lawrence learns “you can never have three things at once: the right relationship, your finances in order, and an apartment.” On the whole, Rae says, the season will explore the “fallout that happens when you’re turning 30the relationships, the friendships you have to work at in a different way,” as well as the ongoing gentrification and cultural evolution of Los Angeles. Scandal’s Kerry Washington will direct the season’s penultimate episode.


Insecure returns on April 14.

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