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Issa Rae’s Lovebirds may be delayed in light of this global pandemic uniting the world, but the fourth season of her Emmy-nominated Insecure is still on track to premiere next month. Today, HBO dropped a new trailer for this latest batch of episodes, which follow Rae’s embrace of her 30s and the lack of a steady job or relationship that comes with it.

Rae recently told Variety that the new season will also explore what happens when Yvonne Orji’s Molly enters into her first relationship and Jay Ellis’ Lawrence learns “you can never have three things at once: the right relationship, your finances in order, and an apartment.” Another interesting theme will be the ongoing gentrification and cultural evolution of Los Angeles, which has long been an integral factor to the show’s fabric. Scandal’s Kerry Washington will direct the season’s penultimate episode.


Insecure debuts its fourth season on April 14. 

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