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Illustration for article titled Issa Rae to write and star in remake of iPerfect Strangers/i (the Italian film, not the sitcom)
Photo: Gabe Ginsberg (Getty Images)

Put away your references to the wacky adventures of Larry and Balki, because this story has absolutely nothing to do with the classic ABC sitcom Perfect Strangers. Instead, we’re here to talk about Perfect Strangers—or Perfetti Sconosciuti—an award-winning Italian comedy-drama by Paolo Genovese (again, not the ABC sitcom with Balki). According to Deadline, Issa Rae has signed on to write and star in an English remake of the film, which is about a group of friends who decide to play a “risky game” that involves leaving all of their phones on a table and letting each other look through their calls and text messages “in an attempt to prove they have nothing to hide.” That makes it sound like a setup for one of those “everyone reveals their dark secrets” stories, but Deadline says it’s more of a “comedy about friendship, love, and betrayal,” so maybe it’s more fun than it seems?


The Deadline story doesn’t name any other potential stars, but the original had a pretty big cast of friends, so this could be a big movie for other cool young actor people. Is Bronson Pinchot still considered cool and young? Because… he was the guy from the show. That’s the last time, no more references!

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