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Jurassic World had the highest-grossing weekend of all time. Needless to say, the filmmakers did something right. However, a critique against the mega-blockbuster has been that it how it tries and fails to capture the magic of Jurassic Park. That’s a shame because Universal could’ve grossed so much more had the company done what a few kids did over a decade ago: Just use action figures and a hi-8 camcorder.


Steven Hudson decided to share an impressively low budget remake of Steven Spielberg’s classic that he made in summer 2002 with the help of family. Hudson and co-creator David Grant have gone on to found Cinesaurus, a creative studio whose profile should blow up with the release of this film. The homemade version comes with less Spielberg and Jeff Goldblum, as well as a potentially fatal flaw, but there’s enough charm over the course of the 100 minute runtime to make up for it.

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