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Is The Office's Angela TV's most dominant cat person?

There were very few within The Office who managed to make a positive connection with Dunder Mifflin’s ever-brusque head of accounting, Angela Martin (Angela Kinsey). But there are also few relationships throughout sitcom history that are as faithful and deeply abiding as the one between Martin and the feline species. Seriously. Angela loved her cats in ways that ranged from adorable (“Just a couple of kittens out on the town!”) to quietly alarming (just about everything else). And yet, while the “Cat Lady” label tends to yield a very specific image of a recluse, the aggressively modest accountant encompassed a variety of Cat Person dynamics and still maintained a lively, endlessly scandalous social life. So, was Angela Martin the ultimate Cat Person?

The good people over at The Take think so, they and have provided another thoroughly researched argument that shows as much. Likely the most intriguing aspect of this particular point is what truly makes her a through-and-through Cat Person, and it’s not just her willingness to risk her life in order to save Bandit during a fire drill: Per The Take, Angela embodies every fictional interpretation of the Cat Lady, from her love of the cute creatures to the moments when she actually embodies a cat. Angela is independent, “epitomizes the cat’s autonomy,” is highly intelligent, and, at times, “wild at heart,” just like her furry buddies. Settle in and check out a thorough breakdown of Angela Martin’s quiet power. We wonder how Kinsey’s own insight will compare, which we’re sure she’ll offer freely on her upcoming Office podcast with Jenna Fischer.

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