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Is BoJack Horseman going to be okay?

Few shows on TV deal as extensively, or as honestly, with the deceptively murky topic of self-improvement as BoJack Horseman. Ever since his first (of several) epiphanies about the shitty nature of his life and self at the end of the show’s first season, Will Arnett’s BoJack has been in a constant state of “trying to be better”—defined not with the TV-standard “significant haircut and a more cheerful set of quips, but in the constant cycle of struggle, backslide, struggle, self-loathing, brief hope, backslide, struggle that the rest of us have to put up with whenever we want to eke a little more happiness out of our lives.


But is it working? That’s the open question at the heart of this new trailer for the show’s upcoming fifth season, which hits Netflix on September 14. Rather than, say, go to therapy—he’s too smart for that—BoJack is apparently trying to lifehack his way into sobriety and success, measuring out his vodka consumption by days, and dodging questions from all the people who still manage to care about him. Also, at one point, Todd appears to end up in Princess Caroline’s apartment in a bathrobe, attempting to fend off some kind of blender-faced dildo robot. So that’s pretty fun!

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