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Irvine Welsh might be cooking up a Trainspotting TV series

It looks like, along with his other pending TV projects, author Irvine Welsh is snow weighing a small-screen adaptation of Trainspotting. His 1993 novel has already spawned two movies, including a long-awaited sequel that’s slated for release in March 2017. But in a new interview with NME, Welsh says he’s got enough characters and stories to shoot a regular series. The author tells the publication that his source book works across multiple mediums, including TV.

Basically, I’ve plans for them all. All in various kind of schedules or adaptations. It’s all ruling on cable TV, cable TV has some interesting developments. We’re working on all these different kind of things. I think now anybody who’s in the book, whether they like it or not, they’re working on the way of being in the film. You keep that in mind. As soon as you’ve written it, you’re thinking about how it can move into different mediums.


Yes, Irvine Welsh is going to do whatever he wants with his Scottish-heroin-addict universe. He’s already written prequel, sequel, and spin-off books for his Trainspotting characters, so it’d just be a matter of signing the cast or their younger lookalikes on to whatever production comes together. And T2: Trainspotting has him feeling optimistic enough about fleshing out the adventures of Renton, Sick Boy, and all the rest. Welsh tells NME that “in some ways, I think it’s a better movie [than Trainspotting]They have become such iconic characters and this is going to cement that status even more.”

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