Iron Reagan (Photo courtesy of label)

As its name suggests, Iron Reagan has no problem taking shots at political leaders. In fact, the band’s vocalist, Tony Foresta, also fronts Municipal Waste, the band that grabbed headlines for making a shirt that depicted Donald Trump shooting himself in the head. Iron Reagan, though, has always been (even) more expressly political, and on February 3 Relapse Records will release the band’s new record, Crossover Ministry. Today, The A.V. Club is streaming the album’s opening track, “A Dying World,” which is incredibly—and unfortunately—timely.

“A Dying World” sets the tone for Crossover Ministry, which sees Iron Reagan hitting the sweet spot between hardcore punk and blistering thrash metal as Foresta runs through a list of issues that, once evergreen, now feel incredibly pointed. As Iron Reagan tears through the riff-heavy track, Foresta offers that there’s “No way to save a dying world,” letting some of the nihilism we’ve been holding inside come busting out through this primal release.


Pre-orders for Crossover Ministry are available now through Relapse Records.

Iron Reagan tour dates

12/2—The Broadberry—Richmond, VA
12/27—Stone Pony—Asbury Park, NJ*
12/28—Baltimore Soundstage—Baltimore, MD*
*with Dag Nasty