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Iron Maiden, The Crystal Method collide in the latest mashup from Wax Audio

It takes a deft hand to marry the face-shredding metal awesomeness of Iron Maiden with any other group and not have it devolve into a horrible mess. Luckily, Wax Audio possesses such skill and was able to create a mashup of Iron Maiden’s “Seventh Son of a Seventh Son” with The Crystal Method’s “Jupiter Shift.” It may seem like an odd combination, the bombastic power metal of Maiden matched up with the trip hop beats of Method, but the resulting song is actually quite catchy and actually reinforces the sheer badassery of Maiden’s tune.

Below is the video for “Crystal Maiden,” Wax Audio’s mashup, which is reminiscent of the Spawn soundtrack that also combined hard rock groups with techno outfits. Luckily, though, this track didn’t necessitate a terrible movie with John Leguizamo in order to exist.

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