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Illustration for article titled INXS announces end of its music career, despite this already happening 15 years ago

After performing together for 35 years, Australian rock group INXS has announced that it's done—news that would come as a shock to fans, had they not already decided that INXS was done the second they heard frontman Michael Hutchence died in 1997. Hutchence's surviving band members revealed during a recent gig that it would be their final show together, sentimentally calling an end to a career that saw INXS become one of the most popular groups of the 1980s thanks primarily to Hutchence, then another 15 years of the band attempting to hold on to that fame with a rotating lineup of singers who attempted to imitate him—most notably Canada's JD Fortune, the winner of CBS' Rock Star: INXS, in which the band honored their former leader's legacy by handing it over wholesale to a reality show contestant. Fortune was replaced by Irish singer Ciaran Gribbins in 2011—a shift in the lineup that, like Rock Star: INXS and everything since, went unnoticed by everyone, as there was only ever one singer in INXS, a band that ended 15 years ago.


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