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Introducing The A.V. Club’s new food section, Supper Club

Illustration: Nick Wanserski

Ever try food? We highly recommend it.

There’s so much to love about it: the chewing, the swallowing, the way nutrients get absorbed into your bloodstream, not dying, etc. It seems everyone is eating these days. And so, because the internet is about bringing together like-minded individuals, today marks the launch of The A.V. Club’s newest food section, Supper Club.


Supper Club will explore food and drink with the same enthusiasm we bring to the rest of pop culture. We’ll indulge in our obsessions—from the venerable Filet-O-Fish to a Brandy Old Fashioned—with the same loving fervor as a Chance The Rapper mixtape or season two of Community, celebrating high and low foods with equal respect. And much like the supper clubs you’ll find in our Upper Midwest home base, we’ll feature hefty portions of roasted meats, cocktails in lowball glasses, and live entertainment.

Want some samples? Grab a toothpick and go two-on-a-stick with these digital canapés:


Beyond these, we’re working on covering and celebrating food in every way we can think of, with plans in the works for food-based games, rap battles, a morning talk show on the art of drinking coffee, and something to do with ninjas (no kidding). We hope you’ll give us a try—and leave us five stars on Yelp, maybe?

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