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Introducing Pop Pilgrims, the new A.V. Club travel show

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Hello citizens of The A.V. Club. We're delighted to announce the imminent launch of our new web-video travel series, Pop Pilgrims. Here's the concept: We're pop-culture geeks, and that geekdom extends even to our vacations. When we travel, we don't just hit the tourist destinations—we also make time to track down film, TV, and literary locations. (After all, isn't the Friday Night Lights football field at least as culturally significant as the Alamo?) The series, which will involve 36 episodes spanning 12 cities, launches next Monday, May 16, and will run every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We've got two hosts (a.k.a. guys with a little more screen presence than us): Dan Telfer and Brian Berrebbi. Oh, and we need your help: We've got 11 cities picked out, and we'd like you to assist us in picking the twelfth. When the first video launches next week, a submissions page will also go live, where we'll ask for your favorite pop-culture destinations. The most exciting suggestions will be acted upon, with extreme prejudice. Enjoy this little teaser video below, and see how many of our destinations you can identify.


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