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Introducing “Blockbuster Box,” the Pizza Hut box that turns into a film projector

Pizza Hut has just launched an unconventional marketing campaign in Hong Kong, delivering pizza in boxes that double as phone-powered film projectors. Clever and simple, the “Blockbuster Box” is little more than a pizza box with a pop-out hole, a lens attached to the pizza saver, and a QR code for a free movie download.

Designed by ad agency Ogilvy & Mather, a brief video depicts how to assemble the projector: The lens is removed from the pizza saver and placed into a perforated hole in the box. Using a smartphone, customers scan the QR code for one of four downloadable movies. The pizza saver is turned upside down, and cradles the smart phone in the center of the box. Then, simply dim the lights, find a smooth wall to project onto, and voilà, you too can enjoy movies and pizza at home with one-eighth of the convenience of streaming VOD or a Blu-ray.


Of course, reality isn’t as oil-free as an Ogilvy & Mather ad spot; in reality, a pizza-projector experience will probably consist of a grease-covered phone sitting where the pizza should be while the pizza gets cold on a countertop. Meanwhile, the customer frowns at a blurry, muffled movie they never would have picked out, simmering with self-disgust as they glance at their HDTV sitting mere feet away.

[via The Verge]

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