We’re still clinging to last summer’s “Cut To The Feeling,” the last piece of original music we’ve heard from Carly Rae Jepsen, a viable candidate for the world’s best living pop star. Now, the dry spell breaks with “Party For One,” a buoyant new single that summons the same brand of bright-eyed, exuberant synths she swam in on 2015's delightful Emotion (and its Side B counterpart).

The single’s accompanying music video makes the song’s self-love subtext that much more evident, with a number of lonely people finding solace in themselves in a series of adjacent hotel rooms. There’s lots of flesh, lots of underwear, and more than a few sex toys, so we’re just gonna err on the side of caution here by labeling it NSFW.


Watch the full video above.

[via Noisey]