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Interpol has announced via its official website that the band is currently “in the UK finishing the new album”—a record that will be the group’s fifth, as well as its first without bassist Carlos D, who left after recording Interpol’s self-titled record in 2010. The group has also announced a string of tour dates around the UK in March for the NME Awards Tour, before a June appearance at New York’s Governors Ball Music Festival and other festival stops elsewhere around Europe. There’s no title or release date yet for the album beyond the fact that it's due to arrive in 2014. Presumably an American tour announcement should be forthcoming as well. Despite the trajectory of the band’s career post-Antics, and Paul Banks’ meandering solo career (see: last year's rap mixtape, Everybody On My Dick Like They Supposed To Be), the hope always remains that some of that old lightning can be recaptured.


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