Trolls: Once harassing only those unfortunate enough to stumble across their bridges and caves in Norse mythology, today the uncivilized creatures have much more prey to stalk online. We’ve seen an epidemic of trolling lately, so Internet Trolls - The Halloween Musical comes at an appropriate time. In a show-stopping number that’s over too soon, YouTubers AVbyte depict who those people are stalking, hacking, and sometimes just being dicks are: actual, nasty trolls, straight from the creepy dark spots under bridges to your computer screen. The creators seem to have made the video just before GamerGate became a thing that people get harassed about, but the trolls do sing about ”The Fappening”—the hacking and releasing of female celebrities’ photos (and they manage to spin a pretty catchy tune about it, too).

“We are trolls, big black holes instead of souls,” they sing. Sounds about right.