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Internet rallies around sweet kid who just wants a duck

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Probably the only good thing to emerge from the current crisis is an uptick in rescue animals getting fostered and adopted, with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) saying they’ve seen a 70% increase in New York City and Los Angeles foster programs since last year. But it’s not just cats and dogs that are being desired in this time of isolation—three days ago, an Instagram account surfaced with very clear intentions. “Hey guys! Please follow. I need 10,000 followers for my mom to get me a duck,” reads the bio. It’s called i_need_a_duck_. This is a noble endeavor.

This morning, thanks in no small part to a tweet from comedian Brandon Wardell, they’ve reached their goal. As of this writing, i_need_a_duck_ has gained roughly 10,300 followers.


On Friday, the account launched with the below photo of a baby chick, saying, “Every 100 followers, a picture of a duck is posted.” In a comment on that first photo, the account owner clarified that they’re 12 years old, and that their mother is skeptical of duck ownership as “she thinks that it will be to [sic]loud and messy.” They added, “But I told her I’ll do everything to take care of it.”

The duck photos kept rolling in, each cuter than the last, though it quickly became difficult to keep up with the rising tide of followers. “2,700!!!” they wrote on Sunday night.Sorry I haven’t posted every 100 follows my mom had my phone because she thought I was on Instagram to [sic] much.”


Messy or not, it’s time for Mom to make good on the deal. And, though they’ve reached their goal, we would still encourage you to follow—wholesome duck content most assuredly trumps thirsty selfies and food snaps. Also, it’s likely i_need_a_duck_ will soon evolve into a chronicle of the lucky duck, who we know will quickly quack its way into our hearts. At the very least, i_need_a_duck_ offers the homebound the sense that, in a time when it’s so easy to feel helpless, you helped.

One word of advice, though: Keep it away from any oil spills.

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