A couple of months ago, Todd Bieber achieved minor e-fame after he found a roll of film in Prospect Park following a blizzard and posted a video seeking its owner on YouTube. Nearly 1.5 million views and a follow-up video later, Bieber was ready to give up on his mystery photographer. Luckily for lovers of super-twee Internet anecdotes, however, the mystery camerawoman finally stumbled upon Bieber’s video, inspiring him and his girlfriend to take a 10-day road trip through Europe to return the film to her in Paris (filming all the way, resulting in something that looks like a much mellower version of the “Victor’s trip to Europe” sequence in Roger Avary’s The Rules Of Attraction). Thankfully, Camille (the photographer) makes the Amelie comparison so we don’t have to. Set your heart to “warmed” and click play:

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