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Internet detectives stumble across Matthew McConaughey’s “secret” YouTube account

(Screenshot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5SPYjhdK_I)

The internet quietly lost its mind this weekend, reeling from the mind-bending revelation that Matthew McConaughey seems to have had a personal, verified YouTube channel that none of us knew anything about. This, despite the fact that the account—which he’s had for years, damn it!—is literally his name with a checkmark next to it, and features a number of videos of him being very Matthew McConaughey at the camera for extended periods of time.

The channel was brought to wider attention by Reddit user S1iced Bread, who pointed out that it’s kind of weird for someone as big as McConaughey to only have 240 subscribers to his name. (That number has understandably increased 250-fold since the channel’s existence was outed.) Besides a few trailers, the channel mostly seems like a place to videos for McConaughey’s various charitable efforts, along with his WhoSay account. But since we hate charity and don’t use newfangled social media, we were just as in the dark about it as everybody else.

The important takeaway here, though, is that this is some primo McConaughey: staring directly into camera, giving little fake salutes, and ending every one with a little tongue click and an exhortation to “just keep living.” (There’s also some stuff about helping the homeless and inner city kids, which is also pretty good.) So if you need more Matty McC in your life, and can’t stomach any more luxury cars or bourbon, you’re in luck. He thought he could hide (his YouTube channel mostly devoted to re-posting content from other social media accounts) from us. He was wrong.


[via Esquire]

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