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International Lion King trailer features a "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" clip

Photo: Disney

Finally, a year and a half after we first found out that Beyoncé would be playing Nala in the Lion King remake opposite Donald Glover’s Simba, Disney has dropped the first little tease of the one song everybody has wanted to hear from this thing. No, not “Be Prepared” or Zazu’s take on “I’ve Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts.” We’re not trying to trick you. It’s “Can You Feel The Love Tonight,” the big romantic duet that was already pretty good in the original when it didn’t have Beyoncé and Childish Gambino singing it. With those two on board, it pretty much has to be the greatest song in Disney history—and even if it’s not, everyone will say it is. That’s just the kind of power Beyoncé wields.


Anyway, the aforementioned tease comes from what a Beyoncé fan account on Twitter says is an international TV spot for The Lion King, and it sounds… pretty much exactly how you’d expect it to sound. That’s not really a bad thing, though, especially after the live-action Aladdin remake’s awful version of “Friend Like Me.”

You’ll be able to hear more of the song when The Lion King hits theaters on July 19.

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