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Abbey Road Studios in London is one of the most renowned and historically important recording studios in the world. From the Beatles to Pink Floyd, Radiohead to Kanye West, the roster of acts and artists who have recorded some of the most culturally important and commercially successful records of all-time from within its walls is truly staggering. Now, thanks to a collaboration with Google, you can explore nearly every inch of the famed studio by way of a highly interactive new website.


With Giles Martin, son of the Beatles’ producer George Martin, serving as a tour guide, the new site takes users through a completely immersive experience navigating through the cavernous studio one where the London Philharmonic regularly works, studio two where the Beatles created so many of their indelible records, and studio three where Pink Floyd recorded Dark Side Of The Moon, as well as a mastering booth where many of the final touches are completed.

Along the way are a vast collection of videos detailing important events and music that has been made in the studio, the processes by which certain elements of recording are done, as well as interactive bits like an up-close look at Abbey Road’s impressive vintage microphone collection and four-track digital mixing console.

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