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Instagram is an earthly Hell, according to Justin Bieber

(Photo: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

Let’s all settle in for a little theology lesson from one Justin Bieber. We don’t know what his concept of heaven is, although we assume it has to do with drop-crotch pants. Hell, however, is definitely a photo-sharing app. At a recent concert, Bieber declared: “Instagram is for the devil.” It’s a statement that conjures, at least for us, the image of Jason Sudeikis wearing red horns, scrolling through a feed and laughing maniacally.

Bieber elaborated on his theories with a description of Satan’s realm that would make John Milton question everything he wrote if he were still alive. “I think hell is Instagram,” Bieber said. “I’m like 90 percent sure. We get sent to hell and we get locked in the Instagram server, and I’m stuck in the DMs.”

If you’re curious about Bieber’s animosity toward the social-media platform, remember that he left it himself this summer after being hit with a wave of hostile comments from fans directed at his then-girlfriend Sofia Richie. Bieber’s dog, Todd, still has an account, which once again makes us question the pop star’s pet-ownership skills. Why is he abandoning such an adorable fluff ball to what he considers a terrible fate?


[via New York]

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