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Inspired by Serial, Toronto Police are using Twitter to try to solve a murder

The mystery woman

Say what you will about Reddit, but the ferocity that the site’s users have applied to Serial’s case has apparently inspired the Toronto Police Department to seek the hive mind’s help. In an effort to gain some ground on the 2012 unsolved murder of Mike Pimentel, the TPD has been tweeting out clues from the case—including a picture of a mystery woman the police were never able to find, video of a news conference after the murder, and photos of evidence like a long, blonde, clip-in hair extension.

Pimentel was stabbed to death on January 1, 2012 after attending a New Year’s Eve party with friends. Detective Tam Bui, who’s helming both the case and the department’s social media outreach, says the TPD wants to have “the community… engaged in [its] work,” and that he hopes they’ll close the case, both for Pimentel’s family and for the community.


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