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Inspirational YouTuber turns his father’s disappointment in him into art

Screenshot: Ben Wonder/YouTube

The world is changing. Jobs are changing. College no longer guarantees employment. These days, we have to make our own opportunities, often in spaces that didn’t exist 10, 20, or 30 years ago. That includes YouTube, which is more and more becoming a viable source of income for creative people. Such a concept is, understandably, hard to grasp for previous generations, who’ve likely never heard of the likes of Lilly Singh or Tyler Oakley. It’s most definitely difficult for the father of YouTuber Ben Wonder, who recently decided to go full time with his channel.

In a new video, Wonder documents his father’s reaction to his decision, which goes over about as well as you’d think. “I don’t think it’s a good career decision, Benjamin. I think you’re pretty lazy,” his dad says. “You should forget about this YouTube stuff and get a real job.”

It’s a phrase so many of us have heard so many times, but instead of allowing it to carve a dollar sign-shaped hole in his heart, Wonder turns his dad’s disappointment into art by mixing it with some sick beats.


All the subscribers in the world might not convince Wonder’s dad he’s not a “loser,” but you should subscribe anyway. Do it for your future self, who will one day chide the next generation for not making an honest living by starting their own YouTube channel.

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