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Insane Clown Posse's Violent J is pissed off about low-quality furry suits, snakes

We might as well just start with the facts here: Insane Clown Posse member Violent J has a daughter named Ruby. Ruby is a furry. Recently Ruby bought an OISK-brand fur-suit via Chinese retailer AliExpress. Ruby was not satisfied with the quality of said fur-suit. In turn, Violent J and Ruby have made their dissatisfaction with OISK the subject of the first episode of a YouTube series called “Snake Busters” in which the two say the word “snake” roughly 8,000 times.

The video gets off to a confusing start as Ruby introduces herself as a furry Juggalo while Violent J stakes out his space as a Juggalo furry. The difference is unclear, but presumably it is an important one that explains why Ruby is in a furry suit and Violent J is not. Whether one needs to wear clown makeup underneath one’s fur-suit to qualify as a furry Juggalo is also unclear.


“But what we need to be talking about is that fresh mask, because like you said Rube, that mask was made with quality,” Violent J says. “You want to see a mask that was a made with no quality?”

“Look at this crap!” both say in unison, before showing a photo of a fur-suit that, I don’t know, looks maybe not as good as the first one but still pretty OK?

Looks aside, the real problem with the suit is apparently in the placement of the eye holes, which may be filled with dried nasal discharge, although it is unclear whether or not this claim is meant to be taken literally.

“On the website, it said you could clearly see out of the eyes and mouth,” Ruby explains. “But when it came, I could barely see out of the booger-filled nose.”


It seems worth pausing here to remember that at one point in time ICP had a genuine rap feud with Eminem.

The rest of Ruby and Violent J’s complaints with the suit are as follows: the site misrepresented the color of the suit’s eyes and size of the head, communication from AliExpress was poor, and the quality of the suit’s hands is lacking. The remainder of the video is dedicated to saying variations on the word “snake” and making hissing noises.


Online shopping can indeed be frustrating, so we wish the pair the best of luck in their international battle with the world’s largest retailer. Keep an eye out for more Snake Busters episodes in the future, presumably as soon as Violent J and his family are beset with more grievances.

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