Ant-Man is the latest film from Marvel Studios, attempting to launch a B- or C-list superhero into superstardom much the same way they were able to with Iron Man seven years ago. The film currently has a mixed bag of scores over on Rotten Tomatoes, but for those who are interested in the history of the character who rose from pulp sci-fi roots to become a founding Avenger to a wife beater and beyond, there’s a nifty infographic for that.

Halloween Costumes has put together this fun display of the many permutations Ant-Man has undergone through the many years. Often changing sizes, names, and alter-egos, Ant-Man has been around in some form or another in the Marvel Comics Universe since 1962. The chart is a handy cheat sheet for those unfamiliar with the character’s origins or changes in the years but want to know more before seeing America’s favorite Celery Man, Paul Rudd, put his own stamp on the world’s tiniest superhero.