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Saturday Night Live may not have time to air every one of its sketches. This, we understand. Plenty of good ideas are left on the cutting room floor of all projects, and a weekly sketch show is no different. With that said and out of the way, we’re still left wondering: How is modern SNL not comprised entirely of the Kyle Mooney-centric digital offshoot “Cut For Time” sketches?

Watch the most recent of these—one that turns the simple premise of “Harry Styles is Mooney’s very cool little brother” into early ‘90s rap comedy gold—and consider what broadcast TV has been missing.

While our review of the latest, Styles-hosted episode was generally positive, even an above-average collection of the kind of sketches modern SNL airs pales in comparison to Scotty (Mooney) airing the frustrations of going to high school with the kind of younger brother (Styles’ Jason) who wears a letter jacket and gets to go see action movies with girls instead of taking out the trash.


Rhyming over a thin throwback beat, Scotty takes a positive approach to his dilemma. “Friends, guess he’s got quite a few. I don’t have many, but to me that’ll do,” Scotty spits, adding that he’s still “unique,” drawing castles in his notebook and reading for fun, instead of doing way less cool stuff like “kissing girls,” drinking underage, or hanging out with “buddies.”

It’s not all simmering, neon-tinted resentment, though. The sketch also includes a guest verse by Colby (Chris Redd) that celebrates the joys of having pets and, in the end, Styles’ little bro Jason taking over the track to explain how much he envies the expectation-free life of being a dweeb who doesn’t have to be cool—or have sex (“the butt, the shape: it’s amazing”).

In just a few minutes, the sketch outdoes entire seasons of tortured broadcast jokes, making the case that, really, SNL should just be handed over to Mooney and filled with “cut for time” bits instead. Release his work from internet spin-off purgatory, Lorne. It’s time.

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