After hacking into a bunch of classified NSA documents and then escaping into the freedom-loving arms of Russia, Deadline has discovered that independent film studio Open Road has picked up the distribution rights to Oliver Stone’s Edward Snowden movie. Deadline claims the decision to go with Open Road—instead of a bigger name—comes from studio head Tom Ortenberg’s support of Stone’s W. back in 2008, and not—as The Hollywood Reporter claims—because of the major studios not wanting to touch another whistleblower movie after The Fifth Estate proved that there’s a limit on the world’s love for Benedict Cumberbatch. Stone’s movie, which is based on the books Time Of The Octopus and The Snowden Files: The Inside Story Of The World’s Most Wanted Man, is still set to star Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Since Snowden is a pretty divisive figure, maybe soon we’ll find out if there’s a limit on the world’s love for Gordon-Levitt as well.