After hacking into a bunch of classified NSA documents and then escaping into the freedom-loving arms of Russia, Deadline has discovered that independent film studio Open Road has picked up the distribution rights to Oliver Stoneā€™s Edward Snowden movie. Deadline claims the decision to go with Open Roadā€”instead of a bigger nameā€”comes from studio head Tom Ortenbergā€™s support of Stoneā€™s W. back in 2008, and notā€”as The Hollywood Reporter claimsā€”because of the major studios not wanting to touch another whistleblower movie after The Fifth Estate proved that thereā€™s a limit on the worldā€™s love for Benedict Cumberbatch. Stoneā€™s movie, which is based on the books Time Of The Octopus and The Snowden Files: The Inside Story Of The Worldā€™s Most Wanted Man, is still set to star Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Since Snowden is a pretty divisive figure, maybe soon weā€™ll find out if thereā€™s a limit on the worldā€™s love for Gordon-Levitt as well.