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Indiana Jones 5 is assembling a writers' room, no George Lucases allowed

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In a culture often overwhelmed by some of the shittiest fanbases on the planet, it’s become pretty passé to bag on George Lucas for “ruining your childhood” or whatever. That said, we still don’t want the dude anywhere near another Star Wars movie. The same goes for the in-development Indiana Jones 5, especially after Steven Spielberg himself blamed Lucas for the failings of Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull. Thankfully, we can rest easy after hearing from Indiana Jones 5 producer Frank Marshall, who has lovingly assured us that Lucas will be nowhere near the script.

In a new interview with Coming Soon, Marshall said that, while Solo’s Jonathan Kasdan has blessedly taken over scripting duties from Crystal Skull’s David Koepp, the production has organized a writers’ room to help flesh out ideas. He doesn’t say who’s in the room, but he does make it clear that Lucas did not get an invite.

“I love being with George and having his input, but life changes and we’re moving on. He moved on,” he said. “We’re very respectful of the original intentions of the movie, certainly Harrison’s character. The serialization of what the original intention was. I’d love to have George there. I love being around George and working with him, obviously. It’ll be a little different, because the ideas are coming from a different place now.”


A place, we pray, free of nukes and fridges.

Indiana Jones 5, which Spielberg has said will be Harrison Ford’s last outing as the adventurer, is slated to open on July 9, 2021.

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