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Indiana Jones 5 gets whipped back to 2021

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Late last month, we reported that Disney was going to have to delay Indiana Jones 5 past its original 2020 release date, as Steven Spielberg hasn’t been able to find a script he’s completely happy with and therefore won’t be able to start filming on time. Jonathan Kasdan, son of Raiders Of The Lost Ark writer Lawrence Kasdan and one of the co-writers on Solo, has been brought in to put together the latest draft, and it seems like whatever he has come up with has been enough to make Spielberg happy because the movie is now getting back on track.


According to Variety, Indiana Jones 5 has now officially been moved to July 9, 2021, giving Disney and Lucasfilm a summer franchise they can develop alongside the Star Wars movies (which have been coming out in December, except for Solo). The most recent draft of the Indiana Jones 5 script, which evidently wasn’t working for Spielberg, was written by Jurassic Park’s David Koepp.

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