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Illustration for article titled emIndependence Day/em wont get a 3-D re-release after all

After being informed that 3-D conversion involves only stereoscopic imaging, and not the rendering of Randy Quaid into actual flesh, the shadowy cabal of the Hollywood Star-Whackers has quietly scrapped those earlier plans to have 20th Century Fox re-release Independence Day in 3-D. Official reasons have yet to be given for why the 1996 blockbuster will not get the post-conversion that all successful '90s films must undergo lest they be entirely forgotten, naturally leaving us to speculate that it definitely has something to do with Randy Quaid, because everything does. We suppose there is, however, the possibility that the cost of rendering that one shot of the jumping dog simply proved too prohibitive, or that the post-production team just became too bogged down with rewinding the infamous "Welcome to Earth!" scene over and over again to prove that, actually, Will Smith doesn't even say "Earf." But it's probably one of these three reasons or another thing.


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