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Independence Day sequel currently has two scripts—one with Will Smith, one without

Roland Emmerich remains committed to infinite possibilities, knowing that each moment of every day can explode outward in a dizzying array of contingencies and national monuments, some of them maybe even involving Will Smith. And so he’s prepared himself for delightful happenstance and probaWillity by preparing two scripts for his Independence Day sequel—one with very famous and expensive star Will Smith, and one without. Emmerich revealed his unusual strategy in an interview with The Playlist, where he reportedly “sighed” at being confronted yet again with the cruel vicissitudes of chance and having to pay Will Smith millions of dollars, but grudgingly admitted that there were “two versions” of the story in play. When told that this sounded like a pretty crazy plan, Emmerich “just laughed,” likely knowing that life is crazy, and no one can ever know for certain whether it will feature Will Smith. Still, Emmerich optimistically says the Smith version is “looking good”—presumably as opposed to the far less interesting version where all the aliens return to Earth and, finding no Will Smith to welcome them, sadly slink back home.


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